About Me

                                   (My daughter and I, 2013)

As a little girl I had many, many film rolls developed of landscapes, animal footprints and as much wildlife that I could snap a picture of. Later, I developed a love of learning more about the art of photography. I have always had a love of the camera but never knew it would take me to portraiture and my current love, capturing newborns and children. I first started baby photography with the birth of my sweet strawberry blonde daughter, which then blossomed into the inspiration for Strawberry Kissed Photography. Two years later I had another little strawberry baby, this time a little boy. Nothing gives me more joy than photographing my children and I love sharing that joy through photographing other children, couples and families. It is my honor to photograph you and your family and capture the special moments for you to cherish forever. Come join me in a lifetime of smiles that beautiful photographs will bring you and your family!

(My son above, as a newborn in 2013, and more recently below)


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